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November Hours: 9-5 Daily
Closing for the season on November 29th!

The end is drawing near! We are getting down to the final days of our 2015 season. We are open for pie picking up, apples and wine stocking up, donut gobbling up, and general loading up til the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Don't get stuck heading into winter without a good supply of our local honey, hard cider, and our new Cider Fighter, a homespun remedy for all the ailments that winter dishes out. 

Our bakery is churning out fresh baked pies every day this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, all made from scratch using tried and true family recipes. Our baked goods and cider donuts have been celebrated and praised by scores of visitors for the past 35 years. The wine shop is open every day, with tastings available on Fridays from 1:30-4:30, and Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00-4:30. Stop by for a taste of a true New England Hard Cider and fruit wine, all made here at the farm with the fruits that we grow.

Store hours are 9-5 daily. 
For liability and safety concerns, please no dogs allowed. We respectfully ask that all service dogs be properly identified. Thanks!

Closed for the season.
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