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Pick your own strawberries opened a few days ago and we have already had a lot of folks in the fields in the past couple days picking loads of gorgeous berries. Strawberry season is notoriously short, and this year will be no exception. Wild weather has led to some challenging growing conditions but we're very fortunate to have several fields to work with. The Pick Your Own box to the right of the screen is updated daily and we do our best to give accurate information.
The status can change quickly depending on the number of people who come out to pick and how many berries they leave with.
After picking be sure to stop in to the store for some farm fresh goodies and groceries. Our wines continue to delight customers and critics too! Our Perry just won BEST CIDER IN MASSACHUSETTS at the Big E Gold Cider Competition.  
And, save the date for our annual Strawberry Festival on June 24th and 25th. It's always a great time for the whole family!
Visit this link for an exciting night of tasting our local wines, beers, and distilled beverages, all to support an incredibly important cause on June 22, at the Hellenic Center in Ipswich.

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