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Blueberries and red currants are open for picking and they are gorgeous! It's best to come early and get the best picking and the fields virtually all to yourself. Check out the walking distances to each field so you can be prepared on arrival.
Our bakery is creating fresh homemade baked goods every day, including our famous cider donuts and delectable fruit pies. 
Zukes, summer squash, lettuce, and beautiful cherry tomatoes are coming into the store every day!
Wine tastings are offered Fridays from 3-5:30, and Saturdays and Sundays from 12:-5:30. Our Sweetheart Hard Cider just won another medal, this time in the International Women's Wine Competition!
You can now order your copy of Grammy's Kitchen ~ The Russell Orchards Fruit Cookbook online! This beautiful cookbook by Meredith Russell is a treasure trove of delicious recipes, all of which feature the fruits we grow here on the farm. Follow the seasons with us as our own fruits ripen and learn a trick or two from a real pro!

Pick Your Own
Strawberries June
Raspberries CLOSED
Closed today for field maintenance
Blueberries OPEN
Cherries July
Blackberries CLOSED
Not yet, but soon
Currants OPEN
Apples Sept-Oct
Call 978-356-5366 for status
Open Daily 9-6
In the Store Now*
From the Fields:
Black Currants
Purple Raspberries
Red Currants
Red Raspberries
From the Gardens:
8 Ball Zucchini
Asian Eggplant
Cherry Tomatoes
Cubanelle Peppers
Fresh Herbs
Mini Onions
Patty Pan Squash
Pickling Cucumbers
Summer Squash
Swiss Chard
*List updated as availability changes throughout day.
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  Easy Blueberry Cobbler  
  Simple and Delicious!!  
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