Three years ago when we were in Las Terrenas we were told about a Turkish Survivor TV episode that had been filmed nearby. A local restaurant had provided all meals for their crew. This year, passing that restaurant we see a sign, Closed except for Survivor Crew. The restaurant is one of several with a boardwalk running through. We walk through it and see long tables set up with many places and a buffet that seems to be available all day.

I haven’t been able to find out anything about this group (language deficit) but we’ve seen three boats painted black with big red letters Survivor on the side. They’re often moored along the beach where we walk.


On the road that follows the beach there’s a big lot with a lot of activity. It looks like they are building some kinds of challenging tasks.



A Google search tells me that eighteen countries have filmed Survivor series. The format was developed in 1994 by Charlie Parsons for a United Kingdom TV production company called Planet 24, but the Swedish debut in 1997 was the first production to actually make it to television. An American version called Survivor, started in 2000.