These are busy weeks at the orchard. I could use that as an excuse for such a long time between postings but it’s really that I haven’t been inspired to write.

I have had time to read three volumes of the Neapolitan Quartet by Elena Ferrante. When I opened the first one, My Brilliant Friend, I was initially put off by three pages listing all the people in the book and their relationship to others. The Italian names seemed like they were nearly the same. Gino and Nino and Alfonso and Antonio just to name a few. Adding to the confusion, the two main characters have their real names and then the names given to them by each other. Confusing? You bet. I decided just to read and forget the complex families and who belonged to which family. I was soon deeply engrossed in the story and got people sorted out.

I would be deep in the fourth and final book, The Story of the Lost Child if I wasn’t so far down on the library waiting list.

It has been a disappointing few weeks for visitors coming to New England for our glorious fall colors. My cousins from Florida drove through upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and all the way north along the Maine coast and saw only a few trees turning yellow. We’re finally getting some lovely colors here in Eastern Massachusetts.DSCN1145