Last weekend was a highlight of the year for us. We were once again blown away by Miranda Russell’s annual show. One song was to have been sung by three generations. Miranda’s mom Daisy Nell and her daughter Cecelia had planned a trio with Cecelia also accompanying on the cello. Unfortunately Daisy developed laryngitis and couldn’t sing. There was a quick rearrangement and Miranda’s son Hunton was pressed into making his stage debut singing one of the parts.

It was a thrill to see our grandchildren performing but there were more reasons for thinking the weekend was special. My sister Beth visited from Michigan for the show and our great-granddaughter Lennin came for an afternoon visit (accompanied by mom Jessalyn and dad Alex).

Las week our grandson David graduated from college and although we weren’t able to get to Baltimore for the event, we did have a chance to see and toast him on Monday.  In the past five days I’ve seen all five of my children, and five of my eight grandchildren. It’s a good life!

For the past two years we’ve had brief visits by Baltimore Orioles, they’ve come and stayed a few days and then disappeared. This year we got their favorite treats, orange halves and grape jelly out the first of April. There was no activity until two weeks ago when a flash of orange caught our eye. We now seem to have two pair coming to dine as well as a grosbeak who appears to like grape jelly better than the sunflower seed we put out.