Friday night we went to the Hart House for dinner. I was craving comfort food, something they do well. We were seated at a table for two in the far end of the tavern section. The room was nearly full and busy but in our corner we were able to chat and enjoy the meal.

In the opposite corner a couple who were probably in their early forties were sitting. There was nothing in particular about them that caught my attention. They seemed relaxed and comfortable. I had a brief thought that they were out for an evening without the children, or perhaps they weren’t married and it was a date. The only thing that I noticed was that after they finished their meal they didn’t leave. They ordered a second glass of wine and continued talking. They left just as our check was brought to the table.

We gave our credit card to the waitress. When she returned she told us that the couple who had just left had paid for our (not inexpensive) meal. She didn’t know who they were and they’d asked her to wait until they had gone before telling us.

We were stunned! Why? I tried to imagine what had caused that couple to chose us. Were we especially animated? Was it our age? Did they somehow know who we are? Were they friends of one of our children? I don’t imagine we will ever know but such an unexpected gesture made us feel happy and grateful as well as puzzled. It was a lovely gift. If that nice couple should read this…thank you.