The Dingle Peninsula is reputed to have some of Ireland’s most stunning scenery.  We are in a Dingle hotel overlooking the harbor but we can’t attest to that. We’re in the midst of what, in Ipswich, we’d call a Nor’easter. Gale force winds, upside down rain and no visibility. No matter, the people are friendly, the food good and we aren’t on any schedule.

View of the Dingle Harbor today.

View of the Dingle Harbor today. Even the water is hidden, no sign of the mountains behind.

We are wending our way north along the coast and will end up in Belfast. I’m sure we’ll see some beautiful country.

Earlier in the week we toured the Jameson’s Distillery in Midleton. We had been given plastic raincoats in case it rained during the tour. It didn’t but the rain gear came in handy today when we ventured out for lunch. Umbrellas were useless in the wind. Across from the restaurant we watched disappointed travelers disembark from tour buses. There were probably fifteen or twenty buses. The Dingle Peninsula was to have been one of the highlights of the tour.

Our accommodations have varied from a posh hotel to pleasant B&Bs and an old seaside hotel that had seen better days. The town of Tramore reminded us of Salisbury beach with lots of rides and arcades. The TV in our room made us think of our first TV given to us by Max’s parents in 1956 when they moved California and gave us theirs. It had a 15-inch screen and was black and white. This one had color.

TV at O'Shea's Hotel

          TV at O’Shea’s Hotel, Tramore, Ireland

Watching a Euro 2016 football game on it was a challenge. We could follow the white dot (the ball) and see figures in different colors running around. The details weren’t so clear.

While we were out for lunch we bought a basket of local strawberries in honor of today’s Strawberry Festival at home.