Ireland is so green! So many shades of green. Understandable since there is a mix of sun and rain every day since we’ve been here. The south was notable for narrow roads lined with hedgerows right to the edge of the road making it difficult to see what was behind them. Hillsides are divided into different fields by rock walls.

Approaching Galway is an area called The Burren. It is a vast area of limestone pavements where only some alpine plants grow. It’s been said that the area “yields neither water enough to drown a man, nor tree to hang him in, nor soil enough to bury him.”

We’ve traveled north though Gaelic speaking country with wide vistas and no hedgerows or stone divided pastures. There are mountains and lakes (loughs) and spectacular scenery.

There is much to say and many photos to share but the computer I’m using is a problem. I’ll have to recreate the trip with photos when we get home next week. Incredible scenery, friendly people, ancient history. A great trip.