Last week I was honored to be invited to a Brownie Bridging Ceremony. Kristen asked me, as a stand in for her real grandmother who lives in Nebraska, to come and see her move from Brownie to Girl Scout. The ceremony was held at the home of her group leader, a beautiful setting overlooking the marsh. There were brightly decorated signs with the Girl Scout Oath and a rainbow signifying the bridge from the little girls group to the older group.
The girls joined for the Pledge of Allegiance, then crossed a wooden bridge, (built by a dad) where they received the badges for their achievements. Their mothers, all once Girl Scouts themselves pinned the new Girl Scout pins to their shirts. The ceremony ended with the girls and mothers joining hands to sing a closing song, while proud fathers and the honorary grammy looked on. It was very sweet. Then all adjourned for a cookout.
I felt very privileged to be invited. It brought back memories of my own move from Brownies to Girl Scouts. It was called a Fly-up then. I remember few of the details from so long ago but I do know that it was held in the Masonic Temple, a rather grand name for a small two story frame structure with one big room below and another upstairs. I know that my mother attended but after that, the memory is gone. I don’t remember ever actually being girl scout so I guess that was the final event for me.