The pies are cooling on the counter and we’ll leave soon to join our Andover family for a day of feasting and fun. It has been years since I’ve gotten up at dawn to stuff the turkey and get it in the oven. One of the benefits of having the next generation host dinner.
I stopped making Thanksgiving dinner in 1980. It was our second year on the farm and the first year that we sold pies. After baking pies all night we just wanted to go to bed. It has become the custom for different family members to spend the holiday with their partner’s families. The Russells gather enfamille on Christmas Eve.
For many years we have joined our son Matt’s family for Thanksgiving. Two other families join us as well as our daughter Laura. This year we are happy to have granddaughter Leah with us for the first time in eight years and her husband William for the first time ever.
Dinner is a communal project. Susan prepares the traditional turkey and stuffing. Others bring their special dishes. After dinner we are joined by another family or two and hold a Yankee Swap with silly gifts. It is a lot of fun with much hilarity. Dessert comes after the swap and we end the day sitting in front of the fire enjoying each other’s company. A perfect holiday.
We have so much to be thankful for.