This seems to be a town of artists. The streets are lined with paintings; everywhere we look we see paintings. Giant paintings, they are huge, I can’t imagine how large a room/house would have to be to hang one. There are paintings in small tourist type shops but mostly they hang on the sides of buildings, on temporary walls or stand along the street leaning against walls and buildings.

For the most part the style is similar. Bright primary colors and bold outlines with little depth or perspective. It is similar to the art I saw in Haiti. I don’t know enough about art to know how to describe the paintings so I did some research. I think it would be best described as na├»ve art. That seems to be a term applied to the art of artists who are largely untrained. There are serious artists here also, their work can be seen in some small galleries.

Twice we’ve seen paintings being transported via a motor scooter. It is a two man operation. The rider has a four by six foot painting or two roped crosswise behind him. A second man rides on the back and is holding onto the painting so that it’s wedged between the two men. They go slowly.

Max has befriended one of the painters, he’s one of the few people we’ve met who speaks English. When Max said he’d like to buy a small painting before we leave he refused insisting it would have to be a gift because they’re friends. No resolution has been reached.