We’re nearly a week in Paris. We’ve been visiting the obligatory tourist sites, Notre Dame, Les Invalides, Rodin, and the Louvre. We’ve also been exploring the neighborhood of our apartment. On the weekend there was a “marché du pays”, one of the wonderful markets that appear in different areas with vendors of all sorts. A table with a dozen kinds of olives, another with twenty different cheeses, fish of all sorts, vegetables, fruits, baked goods, pates, clothing, it’s hard to describe but fascinating and fun.
The weather has been cloudy with many showers and occasional downpours. That means the photos aren’t great but we’ve been able to move about with little discomfort. To our dismay, our ATM cards aren’t working here. We’ve traveled around the world, Japan, Argentina, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, for twenty odd years relying on ATM withdrawals and here in one of the biggest cities in the world, we can’t get cash. Fortunately we did get some euros before leaving home.
The pastries available at the patisseries are amazing. Fruit tartes piled high with whipped cream, cream puffs, madeleines. Even the tarte aux pomme (apple pie) is very different from ours. They don’t use spices other than vanilla and it is an open tart with the apples sliced and arranged in a spiral that looks pretty. It’s often served with whipped cream. When I get home I’ll post a recipe that I think in a winner.
We walked, and walked, and walked, to the Tour de Eiffel (Eiffel Tower) today under cloudy skies. It’s a pretty impressive structure. We bypassed the long lines waiting to ride to the top in an elevator and didn’t even consider climbing the stairs. It was enough to walk under it and imagine the engineering that went into designing such a structure in 1889 when it became the entrance arch to the World’s Fair. It’s the most paid visited site in the world (Wikipedia).