A Full English Breakfast is a pretty amazing feast. We recently returned from a brief visit to the UK where we stayed in a charming B&B and enjoyed this meal. It provided fuel for the entire day. The breakfast begins with a sideboard laden with cereal, museli, dried fruit, fresh fruit, yogurt, and juices. Those are the “starters”. The full English breakfast then comes on a warmed plate filled with eggs, sausage and bacon, grilled mushrooms, beans and a grilled tomato. This is accompanied by several slices of toast with choice of jams.
Throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland this is the standard fare offered in B&Bs and guest houses, although it’s called a Scottish or Irish Cooked Breakfast in those countries.
This has made me think more of the differences in the customs and cultures of different countries’ breakfast foods. At home we have dry cereal and perhaps fruit. In American B&Bs breakfast is often an elaborate array of muffins, sweet breads, and some kind of hot dish. Each establishment tries to make its breakfast unique and special rather than exactly like all the others.
In Southeast Asia the common breakfast served in hotels seemed to be a sort of rice porridge with an egg nestled on top. In Japan I was served rice and miso soup. In Romania breakfast was coarse sausage with a soft cheese and bread (sometimes spread with lard). In Germany we ate a variety of sliced meats, cheese, and dark bread. France does breakfast simply, a coffee and croissant or roll. Breakfast is Mexico also often offers eggs and sausage but they are served with tortillas and hot sauce, or scrambled with chilis and onions.
It means that wherever I travel I look forward to the local food. Some breakfasts are more appealing than others but it’s always fun to try them. I wonder what they’re eating in Mongolia or Mali. I expect I’ll never find out.