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Moving to the orchard in 1979 was the beginning of many changes in our lives. Thanksgiving celebrations soon became the responsibility of someone else. I had always roasted the turkey and prepared the meal as my grandmother and mother had done. Suddenly, Thanksgiving meant days of making and baking pies, hundreds of pies. By the […]

Turkey Time

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It is a fact that time speeds with age. I know this is a fact because the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas were once interminable, now they fly. Summer flashes by and then the really busy season begins at the orchard and before we know it, the holidays are nearly here. Most days […]

Last weekend was the annual Apple and Wine Festival. I wandered through the barn watching hundreds of people sampling the wine and foods prepared for the occasion, making their own apple pies, and munching on donuts. There were demonstrations of cooking and cider pressing on a small, old press, crafts for the children and myriad […]