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If you’ve been reading this blog you know that we are back in the States but I just found this, I had written it and never posted it. I like it so I’m posting it belatedly. From January 22nd: My fantasy for this trip was that we would find a little cottage or apartment, someplace […]

Mexican Food I

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Eating along the road was interesting and fun. We learned to decipher menus well enough to order in restaurants. The challenge came when we stopped at tiny roadside cafés where there was no menu and no English spoken. Driving through desert one day along a dusty, sand swept road, we pulled over at a tiny, […]

Our final night in Mexico couldn’t be more different from our three nights in San Miguel de Allende. That was the first place where we saw great numbers of Americans; in fact, they seem to have taken over the town. We’re told that 10,000 Americans have retired there besides all the snowbirds. San Miguel is […]

Our hotel in San Miguel de Allende is half way up a very steep hill. From our balcony there are incredible views of the town below with the pink tower of the parroquia dominating the landscape. On this morning though, the view from the balcony is of a policeman standing by our car below. Our […]

Leaving Oaxaca

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We had an inauspicious start to our departure from Oaxaca. Our car was parked in a lot a block and a half from our B&B. Max left to pick it up while I waited with the luggage. After thirty minutes, I began to be concerned; it really was just around the corner. After an hour […]


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I wrote about Tlacotalpan out of sequence. After our trip through the mountains, we arrived at The Oaxaca Learning Center guesthouse owned by our Tlacotalpan host’s friend Gary. He is an American who has lived in Mexico 18 years and started the Learning Center five years ago to tutor local students. Most are from low […]

In this once thriving port of Tlacotalpan, fishing and tourism seem to be the main employment opportunities now. There appears to be a thriving underground economy. It’s World Heritage status has rules to be followed. There are no plate glass windows in shops, or large signs, so it is hard to know where the businesses […]

Tlecotalpan, once the largest port in Mexico is now a sleepy little town barely touched by time. In population it is a little smaller than Ipswich, about 11,000 we’re told, but the entire town covers a few blocks in any direction. One side is bordered by a deep river that made the port viable for […]