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It’s amazing to think that one can live in one area for fifty years and miss some of it’s richness. When we arrived in Massachusetts with our little family we set about to see everything. The Freedom Trail, Martha’s Vineyard, the coast of Maine, Battleship Cove in Fall River, the Boston Museums. We had a […]


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It seems ironic that we spend a good portion of our lives accumulating things and then spend more years trying to get rid of things. Downsizing, divesting, whatever it’s called is a lot of work. Books are a good example. I had filled a wall of bookcases and reached the point of getting rid of […]

Home again from our European holiday. It is always nice to go away and nice to come home. Our last ten days was spent in Germany traveling by car part of the time and visiting a friend in Munich for several days. Things that impressed us: Both France and Germany seem to be incredibly energy […]