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In New England seasons mark the passage of time. It seems like only a few weeks ago we were worrying about whether the trees would bloom too early after hot March days and then when it got colder again, whether the bees would come out to pollinate. The trees did bloom early but escaped the […]

A Full English Breakfast is a pretty amazing feast. We recently returned from a brief visit to the UK where we stayed in a charming B&B and enjoyed this meal. It provided fuel for the entire day. The breakfast begins with a sideboard laden with cereal, museli, dried fruit, fresh fruit, yogurt, and juices. Those […]

“Right now there are probably millions of towels being washed in hotels [around the world]. And imagine the tonnes of water and millions of watts of electricity that are used day in and day out.” This is the sign in the bathroom of the hotel where we are staying in England. This sign or a […]