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Tropical Fruit 2

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Laura arrived on Saturday. Sunday she made quite an impression on one of the men who works in the garden here. He brought her a bouquet of Bougainvillaea blossoms on Sunday. Last evening he appeared with a big bag of a totally new fruit. He doesn’t speak English but made eating motions before giving it […]

Tropical Fruit

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In my last blog I wrote about the lack of fresh vegetables here in Las Terrenas. What I didn’t properly appreciate is the tremendous variety of fruit. At our local fruit stand there are so many things that we don’t recognize. I did find Passionfruit and it turned out to be delicious. A little tart […]

It’s only when traveling in a developing country that one can truly appreciate the variety and quality of food available to us at home. There we find fruits and vegetables of every imaginable kind from countries some of us have never visited or perhaps known existed. It is very different here in DR. There is […]