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Our Storm

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We’ve been watching the news from the snowy Northeast. I’m a little sorry to be missing it, I like snow when it’s fresh and white and the sun glistens off on it. I don’t like it when it gets dirty and sloppy and it’s still cold. We had our own version of bad weather here […]

Just outside our gate is a relatively new complex built in the old colonial style with caramel colored stucco buildings, terra cotta tiled court yards and pillars. There are a few shops, a restaurant and an intriguing little oven that sits on a stand in front of one of the shops. A hand written sign […]

Las Terrenas has many hazards to make me cautious. There are zooming motor bikes, irregular sidewalks or the occasional gaping hole in the walk to name a few but I never expected to be injured by a cat. We had gone out for a birthday dinner Saturday night at a charming beach restaurant in the […]

Welcome 2015

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It’s a long time since I’ve made New Years resolutions. I never seemed to get past the first couple of weeks without breaking them. The past few years I’ve tried to spend some time on New Years Day thinking of the highlights and lowlights of the year. I’ve been so lucky that the highlights always […]