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It’s hard work being a tourist. So many things to see and do, decisions to make and advice to follow but we’re managing. We are in love with Stockholm, it is a beautiful city with many parks and museums with water every place we turn. The meals that we’ve eaten have been wonderful, it’s hard […]

Stockholm at Midsummer sounded like a fun place to be. A number of years ago I had spent Midsummer’s Eve in Vilnius, the main city of Lithuania. It was a lively place. Shops and museums stayed open all night with concerts and festivities going on throughout. I had imagined this was a custom in the […]


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We have sweet additions to our barnyard. Daisy a miniature donkey and her baby, Gingergold arrived the end of last week and settled in quickly. Baby Ginger is pretty cute, she wanders away from Mama for a few minutes and then runs back to her. Earlier in the summer our geese presented us with a […]