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May wasn’t quite as bad as April but it was cold and raw. It rained 21 days in April and by May 12th, it already rained 7 days. Enough already! So far in two months we’ve had 32 days of rain. The May flowers did bloom and when the sun shines the garden looks lovely. […]

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“You must pair your device with your television,” read the directions on Max’s compilot. That is a small gizmo to wear around his neck while he watches TV. It is supposed to transmit sound directly from the television to his hearing aids. He can even hear it when I turn the sound down so that […]

The crew has been busy for the past few weeks getting ready for opening day. There is always excitement and anticipation when we open the doors on May 1. The barn is again redolent with the fragrance of baking pies and frying donuts. Fresh coffee, cider, and other goodies wait for the return of our […]