We’ve had a bright spots in this lonely summer of the pandemic. Before she left for college mid-August, Cecelia gave us a porch cello concert.

Bach and Beethoven

We had two celebrations the last week of August. Our son, Doug, celebrated his sixtieth birthday. It was a pretty subdued party, we gathered in his backyard, socially distanced, masked, but able to chat and catch up with everyone. It was the first time this year that we’ve been with our daughter, son’s, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, all in one place. Cecelia had already left for college, Granddaughters Leah and Claire live Connecticut, and their brother David is on Olso. They would have completed the party.

Later in the week, Max and I celebrated our anniversary by braving the outside world to spend a night at a little Gloucester inn. We had a lovely dinner on the terrace, overlooking gardens, marsh, and water.

View from our turret window