A joyous occasion the weekend before last when we said goodbye to summer with a wedding in our garden.

Our oldest granddaughter, Crystal, married her fiance Bruce (Bo) Howes. Grandpa Max had the great honor of officiating at the ceremony. It was a small wedding, with the exception of four friends, it was just family.

Crystal and Bo had written their vows and planned the ceremony. Her brother, Alex, and his wife Jessalyn, had spent the week before helping them plan how to keep people socially distanced and still have a proper celebration. Tables were scattered about the patio and back yard where the wedding dinner was served.

Crystal’s Auntie Laura and Jessalyn cut flowers from the garden to adorn the tables, and the arch that Alex and Bo had built as a backdrop for the vows.

Crystal was driven to the site in a golf cart accompanied by her mother and father. Leading them were Alex’s children, Lennin and Trigger, driving in their little battery operated Cadillac Escalade.

Trigger and Lennin leading the way.
Crystal’s radiant smile has brightened every occasion since she was a little girl. This day, everyone was smiling.

A wonderful ending to a rather dreary summer.