When we bought the orchard in 1979 we brought some chickens with us from our suburban home in Andover. Since then there have always been chickens here. Two years ago the chickens got lucky. Max built a movable chicken coop atop a wagon bed. During the day the chickens are free to wander freely and scratch for good things to eat. The coop can be moved from place to place assuring that the chickens have a plentiful supply of good things to eat. It gets moved to different parts of the gardens when the crop has finished for the season. They clean away all the vegetable remnants and enrich the soil for next year’s crops.

Completed coop on it's way to the barnyard.

Completed coop on it’s way to the barnyard.

I have a friend who became a vegan for ethical reasons. She felt she could no longer eat animal foods produced in factory farms for the sole purpose of feeding us. She was, however, happy to eat eggs from our pampered chickens. After all, it’s just what they do, we don’t even ask them to.
This year it is time for the shed from 1979 to be replaced. It is being constructed in two parts, in our backyard. When it gets moved to the barnyard it will become one spacious chicken coop. It has double hung windows for light and air and lots of nests to keep the hens from squabbling over them. More happy chickens and more fresh eggs.
Under construction

Under construction