Laura arrived on Saturday. Sunday she made quite an impression on one of the men who works in the garden here. He brought her a bouquet of Bougainvillaea blossoms on Sunday. Last evening he appeared with a big bag of a totally new fruit. He doesn’t speak English but made eating motions before giving it to us.
Thank goodness for Wikipedia, it took us some time but we found it. It’s botanical name, for anyone interested, is Syzygium samarangense. It apparently has many names depending on where it’s grown. Water Apple, Rose Apple, Wax Apple, Love Apple, and many more. We don’t know what it’s called here but it has no relationship to roses or apples botanically.
The flesh slightly sweet, with a very mild but pleasant flavor. The high water content probably is responsible for that. The entire fruit is eaten with the exception of the pit.

I’m going to take photos of all those strange fruits at the fruit stand and look them up. We should be more adventuresome.