Sunday morning we were treated to a concert in our garden. Cecelia and her friend Annie arrived with their instruments and serenaded us. The sun was warm, the grass was emerald green, tulips and azaleas were in bloom and the music lovely. What a wonderful way to start a day.

Cecelia, Annie and friend

It’s been a month of special musical events. First Miranda gave a knockout performance at Shalin Liu in Rockport singing jazz, folk, rock, country and old standards. A few days later went to the Boston Lyric Opera to hear I Puritani and after Sunday morning’s concert I went to Boston to hear my friend Nicole sing with the Mystic Choral. Finally last night Cecelia performed two pieces at her cello recital. For someone who can’t make music, it is a joy to have such richness in my life.

I’m completely tone deaf. I enjoy music but can’t carry a tune and never ever try to sing. I spent my childhood cringing while my mother loudly sang the hymns in church. It wasn’t until I was much older that I could admire her courage. She loved the songs and enjoyed singing them. I inherited many admirable traits from my mother, unfortunately also her inability to sing.