Our daily walks on the beach are pretty much the same each day. We pass other walkers, sunbathers on chaises in front of the hotels and a few beach side bars. A few days ago we came across two unusual sights, children making sand structures. Although there are often children on the beach, it was the first time we’d seen them creating.



Last week we walked along the main road along the beach going out of town. Trees provided shade from the hot sun. Near a beach front park we noticed gaping holes in the road. The lids had been removed from the storm sewers. White paint circled them apparently as a warning. The motorbikes, quads and cars seemed to avoid them but they seemed pretty scary to me. We were later told that the lids get pried off for use as grills in the adjacent park.

One of several along this stretch of a main road.

One of several along this stretch of a main road.

At the back of our complex is a usually empty field. It contains grass and palm trees and shrubs all growing wild. From time to time we hear mooing and discover cows grazing there. Other days there is no sign of them.
Walking home from the beach a few days ago the cows suddenly trotted into the middle of the main road, ambled through a busy intersection and headed toward the beach. How they got from that field, around several buildings and a short road was a puzzle. More puzzling was how they would get rounded up and returned to wherever they belong.