It is surprising how soon we become accustomed to sights that a couple of months ago would have seemed unusual. Two of the people we see nearly daily are the coconut man and the banana lady. The coconut man is tiny, he carrys a burlap bag full of coconuts almost half his size. He must be nearly blind because he’s always led along the beach by a young boy, different ones different days. The banana lady goes up and down the busy streets with her wheelbarrow. We often buy bananas or a mango from her.

The fruit lady's wheelbarrow

The fruit ladys wheelbarrow

We often see this man carrying his little dog and a surf board. The dog stands on the board while the man pushes it along as he swims.

Man and his dog

Man and his dog

The Ipswich building inspector wouldn’t know where to begin and the health inspector would probably close down most of the restaurants in town.
Electricity is cobbled together in some very creative ways.

This is the kitchen at Nana’s Gourmet Kitchen. It is one of the most popular restaurants on the beach. Encouraged by the number of people we see eating there we stopped one day for a meal of perfectly cooked fish and fries. It’s amazing at how good the food is even in the tiniest and most rustic restaurants. I’m convinced that it is because the ingredients are fresh and freshly cooked. There aren’t any microwaved warmed up meals prepared in a central kitchen someplace like our chain restaurants.