Christmas in DR was pretty low key. The shops catering to Europeans had twinkling lights and some holiday displays but the local shops looked pretty much the same as usual. The town park had a straw nativity, strange for us to see it with the surf in the background.


Snowman on a street corner.

Snowman on a street corner.

A family from Slovenia neighbors were staying next door to us with a teenage girl and an adorable five year old boy. The only Christmas music we heard was from their house. The little boy sang Jingle Bells as he jumped in the pool. Christmas Eve they had visitors for a festive dinner.

We celebrated with dinner at a local restaurant and watched an old movie with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope spending Christmas in an old English castle. It must have been from the 70s, they were not young men. Jokes and music, fun to watch.

Yesterday there was a huge influx of people arriving in town to spend this week leading up to New Year’s. The beach hotels are filling, at one end of town there seem to older French people, at the other end there are many families with young children, also primarily French.

One of two or three trees we've seen.

One of two or three trees we’ve seen.