The birds that feed outside our dining room window keep us entertained. Three years ago, for the first time, a Baltimore Oriole arrived in May chirping outside our window.  We were thrilled and immediately set out orange slices and grape jelly. He stayed with us for a few weeks and then disappeared. Since then, one or two come every May. I prepare in anticipation by putting out the orange and jelly the first of May. Last year one arrived with his mate on May 9th. The male glistening black and intensely orange colored, his mate, less bright. Last Saturday, April 29th I put the orange and grape jelly out, not expecting to see the birds for another week or so.  Sunday morning, the 30th, there he was!

Two Baltimore Orioles. I wasn't fast enough to capture the three together.

Two Baltimore Orioles. I wasn’t fast enough to capture the three together.

Yesterday we were excited when three males appeared together. We have counted twenty-four different birds on our feeders but none are so brilliantly colored as the orioles.

Another delight last week as I walked through the orchard was seeing the cherry trees in bloom. I don’t remember ever seeing them so heavily blossomed. The apple trees are nearly at full bloom too. It is a glorious time in the orchard.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms