I often find myself commiserating with my peers about how aging isn’t any fun. Just recently I’ve realized that isn’t true. I have as much fun as I’ve ever had. It’s true that there are some physical limits to the things I can do but whatever I do, I have fun.

We’ve just welcomed our first great-grandson, TJ Russell. Yesterday we saw him for the first time, he was four days old. Holding his warm little body in my arms and then watching his fifteen month old sister Lennin give him kisses made me think what a lucky woman I am.

TJ in Great-Grampy's arms

TJ in Great-Grampy’s arms

Monday our 17 year-old grandson Hunton left for six weeks in Europe, his sister Cecelia, 15, will join him in a few weeks. Another granddaughter Leah and her husband William are in the UK for three weeks. Travel is one of my passions, that our grandchildren can travel and be introduced to different lands and cultures fills me with joy.

We are fortunate to have eight wonderful grandchildren. Not all are traveling but they are all an ongoing source of delight. Old age for me has great rewards. Children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Today on Facebook I read something that I could identify with. “You don’t stop having fun when you get old, you get old when you stop having fun.”

It’s true, as long as we have family and friends, theater and movies to enjoy, good food to delight our palate, travels to plan and undertake and books to read, I’ll go on having fun.