Any grandparent will tell you that one of the greatest pleasures in life is spending time with grandchildren. Over the years we have delighted in watching our eight grandchildren negotiate their world. There has been much laughter, occasional tears, and always enthusiasm and energy. From preschool sing-alongs and library story hours to soccer games and camping trips, jigsaw puzzles and games, and many excursions, our grandchildren have given us great joy. Our youngest grandchildren, Hunton and his sister Cecelia, have always been a delight. We’ve loved the birthdays and holidays that mark the years for them and our older grandchildren.

Last week we watched proudly as Hunton, graduated from the Waring School. He shared the Founder’s Prize with his friend and classmate, Jackson. The prize is given to a student or students who best uphold the values of the school set forth by the founders. It is a prize that his mother received when she graduated from Waring in 1990.

Jackson and Hunton after receiving their award

Graduation is also a bittersweet time for grandparents as well as parents. The children are ready to go out into the world. Often that means going far away as Hunton will do in August when he leaves for Colorado College. In two years Cecelia will also be making her way in the world.

Over the past few weeks we’ve watched Hunton bring the house down with a rousing “I Am A Pirate King” from The Pirates of Penzance at a school event. His sister Cecelia sang the solo “Laudamus Te” from Vivaldi’s Gloria in the all-school concert, the same solo her mother, Miranda, had sung at the school when she was a student. Given their mother’s talent as well as that of their grandmother Daisy Nell, it is little surprise that Hunton and Cecelia are following in their musical footsteps.

The Pirate King

Hunton after graduation wearing his laurel wreath with sister Cecelia at his side.



As we watch Hunton and Cecelia move into their adult years, we have other joys awaiting us. Saturday we will celebrate our great-grandson TJ’s first birthday. His sweet sister, two year old Lennin will be there also. In March we welcomed another great-granddaughter, Rowan. We have much fun to look forward to.