We are feeling a sense of loss today. Hunton, our youngest grandson, left for college Friday.  Six other grandchildren have also gone away to college but it seems like this one is especially bitter-sweet. He is the only one who had grown up next door to us. We will miss him popping through the door with a “Hi Gramps,” and sprawling his six foot length along the window seat. He and Grampy watch soccer and golf chatting about the players and the teams and the sports.  I listen, enjoying their shared experience.

Watching children and grandchildren grow from infancy to adulthood is a wonderful experience but it comes at a cost of loss. The past nineteen years have flown by so quickly leaving us a bit stunned. This tall handsome young man is the same chubby baby who chortled on our laps, the toddler who shared Grampy’s peanut butter and honey sandwiches at lunch time, the boy who built amazing contraptions out of scraps of wood. He built camps in the marsh and the orchard, created videos of cooking demonstrations and other creative Youtube clips. Star athlete, good student, and a good friend. He awed us by joining his mother and sister in Miranda’s annual concert and later singing in school soirees.

We know that Hunton is beginning an important stage of his life and despite the geographical distance, we are with him all the way.

Hunton visiting his namesake and great-grandfather. With them are cousins Eric Hunton and Jalen Hunton.


Skiing Tuckerman’s Ravine                           Skiing, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, all Hunton’s sport

The British Chef taping a video for Youtube.