In a couple of weeks, Cecelia will leave for Colorado Springs where she’ll enter Colorado College. Social distancing, masks, and other concessions to the pandemic will make a very different experience for her than it was for her brother, Hunton, two years ago.

Cecelia’s final weeks of her senior year meant online classes. The All-School Concert and the annual awards ceremonies were not held. Cancellation of sports, music, and end of the year events left students and teachers using all their creativity to make the end of year activities special.

Graduation itself was via Zoom and video, After the afternoon video program, the students and their families drove to the school where the Beverly Fire and Police Departments led a parade of cars through the campus. The driveway was lined with teacher’s, socially distanced, waving and cheering.

The students, masked, walked across the porch of the house to receive their diplomas.

Cecelia received a silver medal as finalist in Le Grand Concours, the National French Contest.
She also received the Founder’s Award. The prize given to a student or students who best uphold the values of the school set forth by the founders. It is the prize that Hunton received two years ago, and that mom Miranda received when she graduated from Waring in 1990. A tribute to three outstanding people. We are so proud of them.

Congratulations Cecelia and all of the seniors who head into the world in such uncertain times.