If you’ve been reading this blog you know that we are back in the States but I just found this, I had written it and never posted it. I like it so I’m posting it belatedly.
From January 22nd:
My fantasy for this trip was that we would find a little cottage or apartment, someplace lovely, perhaps on a beach or in a small town. Once we arrived and discovered that none of the people we encountered speak English, it seemed unlikely. We were resigned to staying in hotels, which abound, where we could ask for a habitacian doble (double room) and be understood.
Imagine our delight to wake up this morning to the sound of birds singing in the treetops outside our screened porch. I stepped out of bed onto a floor painted the color of a Caribbean sea and opened the wall of glass doors leading onto the porch.
We are on the second floor of a little house. The courtyard below the porch is a jungle of flowering plants and towering palms. Narrow stone steps lead to our tiny apartment. It is a large airy room with white walls and a few colorful paintings, two comfortable beds (a miracle, decent pillows), satellite TV (at last CNN in English), a bright red table for meals, and the sea foam green floor.
The miniscule kitchen has a shelf full of rustic Mexican pottery and has everything necessary to make an elegant meal, if we wish. It has a freezer for ice cubes, high end coffee pot, and to Max’s delight, even a microwave.
We spent last night grinning at each other and saying “Isn’t this perfect? Are we happy or what?”
A chance encounter with an American couple was our good fortune. They told us that if we came to the Vera Cruz area we should visit the old colonial town of Tlacotalpan. They described it as colorful and a UNESCO World Heritage site. If we went there we should look up Casa de la Luz, a guest house owned by Bill, an American.
We found Bill and yes, the rooms were available. He showed us a tiny room on the first floor and then the apartment on the second floor. Yes, Yes, Yes, exactly what we’d hoped for.
And so here we are, happily ensconced for a week in our own Garden of Eden.