A friend, planning a visit to Ipswich, asked if there was a good place to eat in Ipswich. As I started naming my favorite restaurants I began to think of the size of Ipswich in relation to the number of eateries.
We have a population of roughly 13000 residents and 25 actual restaurants with five additional locations where prepared meals can be purchased for take-away. That doesn’t count the two donut shops, and three ice cream shops. I figure that makes one food establishment for every 433 people, children included. I’m amazed.
It started me wondering who supports all these places? I wonder if people come from all around the area just to eat in Ipswich. Or do lots of people eat all their meals out? This is a puzzle.
Another thing that I think is extraordinary, there are three high-end restaurants where a meal for two with wine can easily exceed $100. These seem like special occasion places but do Ipswichites have that many special occasions?
Last weekend we celebrated a special occasion with a fabulous dinner at Zabaglione Restaurant. It was the 55th anniversary of our marriage. We haven’t actually been married all that time of course. There was the twenty year hiatus.
Zabaglione and Ithaki are our choices for special occasions, we like Choate Bridge Pub and Stone Soup for casual meals. That means we haven’t actually had a chance to try the other 21 places. Maybe it’s time to start making the rounds.