It’s the time of year to put the garden to bed. We’ve transplanted some perennials, mounded dirt around the roses, covered the fish pond with mesh to keep the leaves out and now we’re looking ahead to spring. That means planting tulip and daffodil bulbs. Last week we bought a couple hundred assorted bulbs to add to the ones we planted last year.
I imagine we aren’t alone in getting carried away with an idea. Before we even started planting those, Max got the idea of planting drifts of daffodils in a large area that he’d had cleared of brush and trees during the summer. Off he went to the bulb store. He returned with another 750 bulbs, daffodils and crocuses.
He borrowed the orchard excavator and soon had dug ten large holes. The daffodils need to be buried six to eight inches deep so they were divided between the holes, then covered with dirt. We planted the crocuses three inches deep in the soft soil on top of them. The excavator was a great way to dig the holes but all of the bulbs had to be placed, one by one. Not easy on aging knees and backs but we got it done. Now we have April to look forward to.
Oh, we do still have the original two hundred or so bulbs still to plant once our aching muscles recover.

A neat way to plant a lot of bulbs

It does help to stay on your feet!

Just a few more to go