Our sport of soccer is known as football in the rest of the world, or in Spanish speaking countries, fútbol. American football is only found in the United States.
Max loves the pace and skill of world football and had looked forward to watching games frequently here during our Spanish sojourn. It had been one of his pleasures in the Dominican Republic where we spent last winter.
The apartment we are renting is owned by an Irish couple and is in an area with many English expats. Imagine his disappointment to discover that we don’t get any Spanish or European TV channels here. We get British stations only, and the owners do not subscribe to the sports channel. Not a single game is available here without going to one of the sports bars.
It was a big excitement then to see a poster telling about a fútbol game to be held at Campo Mojacar, the local soccer field, on Sunday morning. We arrived twenty minutes before the game to find a half dozen people in the stands. By the time the game started there were probably fifty spectators.
A loud speaker was blasting 70s pop music, while the players warmed up on the field. I could close my eyes and imagine John Travolta dancing to the Bee Gees.
A fierce wind was blowing down from the mountains behind the playing field causing us to shiver, but we had a clear view of the sea with palm trees in the foreground. We were reminded of shivering through some of the grandchildren’s November soccer games. About the same number of fans also. Nevertheless, it was fun and we’re looking forward to the next one.

Football with the sea in the background