A fun part of visiting foreign countries is seeing the markets. Supermarkets, small shops, open markets, they all are fascinating. Funny because I don’t like to shop and seldom buy anything other than food but it is fun to see how different countries do things.

As in many European countries there are traveling markets. Here in Mojacar market day is Wednesday, in neighboring Gaucherra it’s Thursday, in Vera, Friday. We are staying on the playa (beach) area, the market is in the pueblo (village) at the top of a mountain. Wednesday mornings we take the local bus to the top of the village.

The pueblo is a pretty white washed village built at the top of a steep peak. It has been called the most romantic and picturesque town in south-eastern Spain. We haven’t seen any of the others but it is pretty spectacular. There are 360 degree views from the top overlooking the blue Mediterranean and its beaches from one direction and the snow capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains in another direction.

Mojacar’s history goes back more than 4000 years. It was at one time a Moorish town on the border of the Muslim and Christian worlds. Watchtowers and fortresses were built to protect the town but it fell to the Christians in a bloody event in 1435. Eventually a pact was made between the Moors, Jews, and Christians allowing them to live in peace together (Wikipedia).

The outdoor cafe in the plaza at the top of the village is the perfect place to have a morning coffee. We gaze at the mountains and small towns in the distance and can see just a glimpse of the Mediterranean from our seats. Then we wind our way down the steep narrow streets and twisting cobbled alleys to the market where we stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. It is the perfect way to spend a Wednesday morning.

Mojacar Pueblo, Andalucia, Spain