The fragrance of apples as I walked through the orchard jolted me into the realization that summer is waning. Already the nights are cooler and the days just perfect with warm temperatures and low humidity. In the orchard store, the scent of peaches still predominates but that will soon be overpowered by the presence of all kinds of apples.

We spent several weeks traveling in July and August. It was fun but also makes me feel like I’ve missed summer. We hadn’t made travel plans other than my trip to Vieques, One morning Max said, “Let’s go to Nova Scotia,” so we did. We spent several days on Cape Breton Island, the northern part of Nova Scotia. We followed The Cabot Trail,  a drive that follows the stunning coast line around the northern edge of the island. Intrigued by a little dot on the map called Meat Cove we turned down a dirt road that ended at a lovely little cove with a campground and a restaurant. It is on the northernmost  part of Nova Scotia and got its unusual name because it was a stopping place for early seamen to come ashore and hunt game for meat.


Cape Breton Island coast.

Nova Scotia was the site of some fierce battles between the French and English, both wanting a foothold in North America. We visited Fort Louisbourg, built by the French as both a fort and a settlement. It was lost to the British who abandoned it when they settled further inland. It was buried over the centuries. It has been excavated and rebuilt to look like the original. We had lunch in a tavern there. Our wine and turkey pie were served in a pewter cup and bowl, our only utensil a pewter spoon. Potatoes were considered poisonous by the French in that period so the vegetables were carrots and turnips.


Turkey Pie ala 1744

Prince Edward Island is only an hour away from Nova Scotia by ferry. We spent a day driving through prosperous farmland, charming villages and beautiful beaches. There were also some striking red cliffs in addition to the long red sand beaches. It looks like a lovely place to spend a week.

PEI Cliffs

PEI Beach