All kinds of good things happening. It looks like spring might finally have arrived. From my window I can see six inches of tulips leaves poking up in the soil and some of the daffodils look almost ready to bloom. I’m planning to prune my roses today, they don’t look like they’ve done well over the winter.

Grampy and I spent the winter traveling in warmer climes. We came home late in March to be here to welcome another great-granddaughter. Rowan Russell Minter was born March 29th. She is the daughter of our granddaughter Leah. She joins her cousins, Lennin Lou and Trigger John Russell, the children of our grandson, Alex. They make our lives even richer.

Last night, we were blown away by seeing Miranda Russell, our daughter-in-law perform at the Larcom Theater in Beverly. Her yearly concert is something we look forward to. Last night she was joined on stage by her children, Hunton and Cecelia. Perhaps only a grandparent can appreciate the feelings of pride and love that filled my heart, watching them sing.

 Miranda, Cecelia, and Dolly Farha, one of Cecelia’s classmates.

Daisy Nell, Miranda’s mom, Hunton, Cecelia, and Miranda.


Miranda, Gareth Buhl, Hunton, Eli Biletch, and Tano Barendsen-Rossi,  Hunton’s classmat

Today’s sunshine, the new baby, the concert, all make me joyful this morning.

The orchard is awakening from a hard winter. Buds are swelling and I can see a tinge of color across the peach trees from my window. The orchard store will open next Saturday, April 28th, a new orchard year begins.