Yesterday morning when we got up, there was a Baltimore Oriole on our deck railing. While eating dinner, we saw the first hummingbird of the season. Our first oriole sighting last year was on April 30th but given the cold spring, we were expecting the birds to be late in arriving. They must have amazing internal clocks that move them north at the same time every year.

Baltimore Oriole, first sighting of the year.

I can see part of the orchard from my window. Yesterday I could see a smattering of peach blossoms, the hot weather was perfect for them. This morning I can see a pink cloud from my desk. The magnolia is about to drop its blossoms and the leaves are appearing. The daffodils have been blooming for a couple of weeks and today, the first of our tulips are opening.

Peach blossoms


First tulip

My roses, alas, didn’t fare so well. I have had nine tea roses for years that were vigorous and gave us glorious roses all summer. This spring, only one looks good. The rest had blackened canes that showed no signs of life. I pruned them all to the ground. This morning, I see leaves appearing from the base of the plant on five of them. Maybe they will make it after all.

Late this afternoon I walked through our gardens again. More tulips are starting to open. I love this time of year when the earth seems to waken, sending an explosion of color to us. The trees burst into different shades of green and spring flowers brighten gardens all through town. Driving along North Main Street today I was awed by a huge magnolia tree. It is already past its true glory but I had to stop and photograph it.

Magnolia on North Main Street.