Tulip “Miranda”

Last year when I visited Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, I saw this stunning tulip. I had to have it for my garden. It’s in full bloom now.


In early January we were in Las Terrenas, a town in the Dominican Republic. We’ve gone there several winters. It’s a time for reading and relaxing and painting. One thing we have a hard time with in DR is the way trash is disposed of. After a big rain, the beach will be lined with all kinds of debris, mostly plastic and most of that empty bottles. It was nice to see them being put to use.

Christmas tree Las Terrenas style

Later in the month we spent ten days in Jamaica’s Treasure Beach, a quiet part of the country several hours from the big cities and resorts on the island. Denford, who has worked at the orchard for many years met us at the airport to take us to our hotel. It was dark and raining. A three hour trip took us seven hours wandering up and down washboard roads. Denford did an amazing job of avoiding the biggest potholes. There were no road signs to show us the way. No stores were open and when we occasionally saw a person to ask for directions, they didn’t seem to have heard of Treasure Beach. We finally found it by following signs for a restaurant we knew was there.

We spent a day with the JAMS, our collective name for our Jamaican workers. Max had visited them before, twelve years ago. It was my first visit.We met Ivan’s lovely wife Sharon and two of his sons. Then had lunch with Boisie, where we met one of his sons. Bob lives nearby, there we met his sweet daughter and his mother-in-law. Billy and Denford came to see us there. The only one missing was Phillip (Fast Car) who lives some distance from the others. They are now back at the orchard where Boisie is beginning his twenty-ninth year.

Ivan, Denford, Max, Billy, Boisie and Bob in front. Oliver, our driver is on the right with Billy’s brother behind him.

Ivan and Sharon with their son, Ivan Junior