The directions were very specific. Turn off from highway 321 onto Dollywood Lane. It will turn into Upper Middle Creek Road. Turn right onto Boogertown Road which will eventually be Powdermill Road. Turn right onto Manis Hollow Road which will turn into Loafer’s Glory Way. At the stop sign at the top of the mountain, turn left onto E. View Drive. There will be a hidden drive after the second cabin on the right.

The directions didn’t say that every one of these roads twisted and climbed and dropped and at times the road narrowed with sharp drop-offs on the left or the right. Or that once found, the hidden driveway was hidden because it dropped so steeply that it felt like we were going over a precipice.

We were on our way to a family reunion in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. These directions took us to the top of a mountain and a charming little cabin that we were renting for two nights. The reunion was nine miles away, down and up more twisty roads and we would need to make the trip up and down four times, once at night. It was an adventure.

Once submerged in the hot tub on the back deck with only stars above our heads, it seemed worth the journey.