“You must pair your device with your television,” read the directions on Max’s compilot. That is a small gizmo to wear around his neck while he watches TV. It is supposed to transmit sound directly from the television to his hearing aids. He can even hear it when I turn the sound down so that I don’t hear it.

“How do I do that?” He asks me as he reads and re-reads the directions.

“I don’t know, I haven’t read the directions.” I look at the booklet, it’s gobble-de-gook. “Have you charged the battery?”

“Yes, of course.” He pushes buttons and turns the sound up and down and gets more and more frustrated. “This doesn’t work, it’s no good, a waste of money.”

We call Cecelia, our seventeen-year-old granddaughter. She reads the manual and doesn’t seem at all puzzled. “Just push this button and hold this button and…” Voila, it’s working.

A few scenes of spring:

We wait eagerly for the first Baltimore Oriole of the year. This one arrived May 4th.

May 7th the first hummingbird.

Three years we’ve planted magnolia trees, finally one survived the winter.

This azalea blooms spring and fall. It is a winner.