May wasn’t quite as bad as April but it was cold and raw. It rained 21 days in April and by May 12th, it already rained 7 days. Enough already! So far in two months we’ve had 32 days of rain. The May flowers did bloom and when the sun shines the garden looks lovely.

Complaining doesn’t do any good but it gives us something to talk about. Everyone I meet has a comment about it. Given that Detroit has had rain on 21 days of the last 28, and the Midwest is getting hammered by tornadoes and floods, I’m going to stop grumbling.

There are good things happening too. The baby plants I got into the ground last week are thriving and I haven’t even had to water. The wildlife gives us something to watch and talk about. There is a brazen little fox who travels around our yard as though she was a house pet. We see her most days. There are wild turkeys strolling around and a robin has made a new in one of our trellises. I was thrilled to find the eggs and have kept watching. The nest is too high for me to see into but I can get the camera within photo range.

Today there are four little feathered robins snuggled into the nest.


Robin’s nest

Dinner time

It’s a full house.

A frequent visitor is our persistent raccoon. If we forget to bring in the bird’s suet, he’s sure to be found balanced on the porch railing, clawing away at it.

Hold on!

If only he wasn’t so messy, Suet all over the window as well as his face.