Is there anything more annoying than trying to get a purchase out of its ironclad plastic packaging? I recently had a drippy cold that I thought some Vicks Nyquil Liqui Capsules might help. It took heavy scissors to cut through the plastic and then I had to pry them out with fingernails.

My new oven thermometer arrived encased in hard plastic that not even my heavy scissors could pierce. Medication bottles come with child-proof packaging. It takes a child about thirty seconds to get into one, I end up having to ask for help. Or how about those little packets of condiments that come sometimes with a sandwich, mustard or catsup or mayonnaise. Often they have a little place that says “open here” but of course, they don’t tear. Fingernails don’t dent the plastic and finally I resort to my teeth, a definite no, no, according to my dentist.

Forty years ago my dear friend and octogenarian, Susan, used to complain about packaging. She remembered when you could go into a store, ask for a pound of sugar, or a few ounces of tea it would be scooped out of a barrel into a paper bag and weighed. Or at the hardware store, bins held screws and bolts, tools were hung on nails Medication tablets came in paper envelopes counted out by the doctor’s nurse or druggist. I found her complaints amusing, now I feel as grouchy as she did.

On a brighter note, the sun is shining and the strawberries are ripe. I love to walk through the orchard and see the bright red berries glistening under the green leaves. Good picking right now.

Some fifty years ago one of our favorite restaurants was the Blue Strawberry in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We went there every few months. They served a seven course fixed price dinner, The only choice was meat, fish, or fowl. The food was creative and delicious. The dining room only seated twenty-six people in a charming brick-walled room.The menu varied from season to season but dessert was always fresh strawberries with bowls of sour cream and brown sugar for dipping. That is still one of my favorite ways to enjoy strawberries and so easy to serve.