This morning the sun is bright. From the window behind my desk, I can see clumps of yellow daffodils, the pink blooms of my magnolia tree, graceful branches of golden forsythia waving in the breeze, and in the distance, the first pale pink peach blossoms.

All are encouraging signs of normalcy. Otherwise, things aren’t normal.

It’s over a month since we went into isolation. No one has been in our house, and we have not been in another house. We see our great-grandchildren playing in front of the house. Our daughter and granddaughter shop for groceries and leave them on our porch. It’s hard to keep track of what day it is. I’m sometimes surprised when our grandson calls to ask if we have any trash or recycle to put out. That means it must be Sunday.

Last week, I went to the orchard office for the first time. I work alone there, although Doug and Miranda are in and out. We are all masked and practicing social distancing. Returning to work gives me a bit of structure to the days. Otherwise, I read, do crossword, or jigsaw puzzles, and cook. I found a great recipe for whole wheat bread with nuts and seeds in it. In the evening Max and I play card games or watch Netflix. My goal for the coming weeks is to begin getting more exercise. These cold gray days, it is hard to get motivated to leave the house for walks.

The orchard store will open next week. How it will function isn’t exactly figured out yet. Safety for everyone will be the first priority. The bakery will have goodies, and the wine shelves well stocked. The greenhouse tomato plants are thriving and by the end of May we should be harvesting asparagus. It will be a work in progress.

Spring is here