Walking through the orchard store today seemed a little surreal. There are major alterations to the interior, designed to keep customers and staff safe. New walls, plexiglass panels, hand sanitizers, and curbside pickup. Like so many things in our newly changed world, it will take some getting used to. We hope it won’t feel too alien to our loyal customers.

We had been looking forward to showing off our stunning new wine bar. It was built, in Max’s garage, from five different woods, harvested and milled from orchard trees. The design was intended to allow greater ease, and access to wine tastings. For the present, it is there to be admired. Wine tasting is on hold for the present. Perhaps by fall, it will be possible to use it, or not.

My sister in Michigan sent a photo of herself, wearing a scarf tied across her face, taken when she went food shopping. She said that she had been smiling at everyone in the store, but realized that no one could see her smiles. Now she says “hello”. I’m trying to remember to speak when I see someone. We need every human contact that we can manage safely.

The next few weeks and months, the country will be taking first steps in trying to establish a “new normal.” I am curious, and apprehensive, about how that might be.

In the meantime, one day at a time.