We had an inauspicious start to our departure from Oaxaca. Our car was parked in a lot a block and a half from our B&B. Max left to pick it up while I waited with the luggage. After thirty minutes, I began to be concerned; it really was just around the corner. After an hour I was seriously afraid that something had happened to him. The scenarios I imagined varied from his being totally lost, to a fender bender where he was trying to communicate with an irate Mexican.
After seventy minutes he arrived, sheepish and laughing. The streets in Oaxaca are all one way and many are completely dug up for sewer work. The streets are narrow and traffic is heavy. He had been going around and around, often passing our street but at the wrong end for one way traffic.
At last on our way we stopped at a couple of interesting old monasteries undergoing renovation. By late afternoon we were in a small town with one hotel. We spent the night in an immaculate room with two beds and a single light high on the ceiling. No outlets in the entire room or bathroom. The shower was hot and the beds comfortable and the cost for the night was less than $15.
Dinner that night was very good, a typical Mexican meal of meat, salad, beans, and tortillas. It cost $6.29 for the two of us including beer. It was the least expensive day of our trip.