Our hotel in San Miguel de Allende is half way up a very steep hill. From our balcony there are incredible views of the town below with the pink tower of the parroquia dominating the landscape.
On this morning though, the view from the balcony is of a policeman standing by our car below. Our license plate is missing. We assume that it has been stolen and I immediately begin to picture trying to communicate that to the cop. Max goes down to find out what is happening, I watch as the cop turns to the next car and begins to remove the screws holding the license plate. Oh, oh, he’s got our plate.
We are in luck that this morning the clerk at the reception desk speaks English. He accompanies Max to the car. I watch as he and the cop yell and gesture and then the clerk returns to his desk. A short time later, the license plate is back in place and I can stop imagining the worst.
Across from the hotel is a scenic vantage point with one hour parking. The hotel however has an arrangement with the city for guests to use it. We had placed a hotel sign on the dash but the policeman of the day didn’t know the deal.